Where is my favorite place to travel?


I could probably write a novel on this place, but I will keep it short and sweet.

Every summer, since I was a baby, my family and I have traveled to Wabigama. Wabigama is not a city, but the name of the community we live in. Rapid City, MI is the closest to our location. The best part about entering Michigan, is you are surrounded by trees on both sides of the road.

My great grandpa and a couple of his friends founded Wabigama in 1924, and one of the houses we live in was actually built by him (below). This place is beautiful, but also has a lot of history behind it. My mom’s whole side of the family goes every summer as well, so I get to catch up with all of them!

Our houses are located right in the woods and on the lake, basically the best of both worlds. There’s a fun trail to walk through the woods and all over gorgeous scenery.

I absolutely love being on the water, so I take advantage of living right off the lake.




There are also many cool areas around us to go visit. Pictured below are the Sleeping Bear Dunes. There’s tons of sand dunes to climb up (surprisingly exhausting), but the one pictured is the largest. Many people go all the way down thinking they can make it up, but most end up spending hundreds in being rescued by the patrol.

I, however, knew I would not be able to make it as I only went down halfway and had to be carried…

Another fun spot is the little town of Elk Rapids where there are tons of small shops with a gorgeous beach and bridge.

Unfortunately, in 2015 there was a massive tornado that wiped out a lot of the trees and caused a lot of damage to some of the houses nearby. The pictures below were taken from our house on our lake. Thankfully, no one was hurt and there’s just a lot of rebuilding as well as huge open areas missing many trees.

I am excited to keep Wabigama a family tradition. It is definitely my favorite place to escape to as there really are no rules or work, just relaxation. I’ll leave you with these last two pictures. Find yourself a place that’s just as gorgeous in the morning and at sunset.