Meet Ringo!

Ever seen perfection? No, well now you have.

(I’m talking about the dog to my left). Keep reading to see more of Ringo!

This is Ringo on his adoption day, October 10th, 2010. We drove to a meeting point halfway between Illinois and Iowa to meet a group of English Setter puppies. Ringo was the smallest of them all, with the biggest personality. I would not change our choice for anything, because we ended up with the most perfect dog.

This is Ringo’s older brother Montana. A little back story, my family has only owned English Setters (for hunting), but all of them being about 50-60 pounds. Then there’s little Ringo who to this day is only 40 pounds and still the smallest Setter we’ve ever had.

Since we adopted him around Halloween time it was only fair to dress him up (he loves outfits). A hunting dog dressed up as a bunny? I know, the irony. Although, my dad wanted to adopt him to be a hunter my mom and I vetoed that and made him into the cuddliest dog.

Obviously, very good at cuddling and it’s how he chooses to spend most of his free time. He also loves to lay behind you when you’re sitting on the couch and act as a ‘scarf.’

He gets along with all animals, but prefers to hangout with the smaller crowd (aka puppies, kittens, bunnies, etc).


Ring’s favorite time of the year, his birthday. Where he receives a cheeseburger from his favorite place, Burger King. As you can see we upgraded hats after his first birthday. Now if you notice, his first birthday spent with Ivy wasn’t his favorite. The next birthday was a little better, maybe he’ll enjoy her presence next year…

 He has a very special talent, he can hear the word walk from any part of the house. He will be running outside and I will say “walk” while in the kitchen and suddenly he’s next to the garage door waiting for his leash. We go for runs every week in the summer and he can run much longer (and faster) than me, basically he doubles as a personal trainer.

Ring enjoys car rides, but mostly for the sunroof and really any sort of window. I recently bought a new car that does not have a sunroof, if you can only imagine the disappointment.

His least favorite thing? Swimming. Ivy lives for the pool, Ringo lives to stay out of the pool. Once in awhile I can convince him to join.

This picture marks the day I had to pack for Drake University. He decided he was not going to let me pack and filled one of my containers with his fluffy self. There was a lot of heartbreak in this photo, but thankfully I live 30 minutes away and am able to visit whenever I need him 🙂

Above all, Ringo is my best friend… As well as a literal king.