Meet Ivy!

This is Ivy.

She is the sassiest Miniature American Eskimo you will ever meet, but that’s why I love her.

Ivy has a very strong personality, which is what makes her unique. She turned 1 year old on April 2nd. Keep on reading for a brief timeline of her beautiful life <3

How did I end up with such a perfect dog? Let me tell you, it was not easy. My family has had four English Setters, because that is the only dog my dad wanted. However, he made the mistake of promising me a little white puppy when I was young and I do not forget things like this easily. So, I was bored at work and somehow stumbled upon and found this little princess. I sent my dad a new picture of her every hour and he eventually gave in, thus we adopted Ivy.

She used to love to cuddle with her brother Ringo (stay tuned for his post). Now, she loves to pester him and steal his bones. He wasn’t as thrilled as we were about a new addition to the family.

One of her favorite pastimes was sitting in our pond watching the fish. My least favorite past time was washing her afterwards, because the algae would turn her hair green.

This is her best friend Maya, some say they look alike… Can you tell who is who?

She graduated from the Des Moines Obedience Training Club Inc. with flying colors. Tricks are her absolute favorite thing to do. She can sit, come, lay down, crawl, jump (including through hoops), spin, twirl, shake, beg, stand, and many more. Fun fact: the breed American Eskimos were originally trained to be circus dogs.

However, even though she graduated she still loves to be just a little rebellious. Like, digging in the mud after just getting a bath. Also, she saw nothing wrong with this picture…


In the summer she enjoys pool days and taking my float. We have never had a dog that enjoys swimming as much as she does, but if you get in the pool you better be ready because she is jumping in with you.

She loves celebrating Ringo’s birthday more than Ringo likes celebrating his own birthday, but probably because they get cheeseburgers and she doesn’t have to wear the hat (I swear he likes it).

Ivy was recently stung by a yellow jacket 🙁 but she took it like a champ and was still smiling afterwards.

Here is the most recent picture of Ivy taken a couple days ago. I never thought I would aspire to be as pretty as a dog, but I mean look at her.


Now that you know Ivy, check back soon to meet Ringo!